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THE NEW HOMEOWNER: Seven Tools for Seven Tasks

Whether your new home is brand new, or just new to you, we’ve put together a list of tools and tasks you’ll want to consider while you’re settling in.


Task: Bolster your new home’s insulation. It’s a smart move to seek out places in your new home where the pink stuff is lacking.

Tool: Workbench LED Light

Attics, basements, crawl-spaces…your new home has plenty of dim areas you’ll need to get familiar with. This lights up spaces at any angle with a rotating light panel.

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Task: Search for air leaks. Older homes specifically may be less than air-tight around windows, doors, and sometimes electrical outlets. Seal those suckers up for a more efficient home.

Tool: 18V Power Caulk & Adhesive Gun

Caulking with a manual gun can be tiring, and you may be left with a blobby, messy bead. Our 18V cordless caulk gun applies caulk and adhesive evenly and firmly (up to 500 lbs of push-force for the extra thick stuff).

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Task: Install Efficient Lighting and Fixtures. If your home’s had a previous owner, chances are any fixture upgrades may look nice, but may not be on the cutting edge of efficiency. Replace lights and ceiling fans to maximize energy efficiency, and new showerheads and faucets for water efficiency.

Tool: 18V Compact Drill/Driver Kit

This 18V Compact model is great for just about any task you’ll be tackling in your new home. Plus, it’s battery works with all the tools in the RYOBI ONE+ system (over 100 tools).

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Task: Clean out bathroom and kitchen drains for uninterrupted water flow. This is another great idea to make a fresh start in an older home. (Unless you’d get a kick out of hanger-fishing for the previous owner’s sink clogs. No judgment.)

Tool: 18V Drain Auger

It clears toilet, sink, and shower drains up to 2” in diameter. With all those plumbing calls you won’t have to make, this is a tool that really pays for itself.

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Task: Go germa-phobe on cabinet and closest spaces. You’re probably planning to do this anyway, but let us applaud you. New constructions can have plenty of dust and remnants of building material lurking in your storage spaces. And older homes have had plenty of time get gunky.

Tool: 3 Gallon Project Wet/Dry Vac

Here’s a tool for inside and outside your new home. Use it to clear out your cabinets, closets, then move on to your car. It’s small and light enough to cart around with ease, and since it’s cordless, you can take it anywhere.

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Task: Remodel a space you’re not crazy about. You’ve just bought a home. Now is not the time to settle for less. It can be something as simple as adding a dividing wall in a floor plan that’s just a little too open.

Tool: 18V Drywall Screw Gun

One of our newest Brushless tools. Brushless technology lets you drive over 3000 drywall screws per charge, so it’s a must-have if you’re ready to dive into remodeling. (Great for flippers too!)

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Task: Use molding to add some wow-factor. Some newer homes lack the old-days charm, and some of those old charmers really need a facelift. Create a high-quality vibe in your new home with stand-out crown molding, chair rail, or board and batten accents.

Freebie from RYOBI Nation: Board and Batten Instructions

Tool: 18V Airstrike Brad Nailer

The AirStrike Brad Nailer is a cordless nailer, so it doesn’t require a noisy, bulky compressor. It’s great for molding, board & batten or, that stylish shiplap trend you’re seeing. Everywhere.

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posted on May 17, 2018

by RYOBI Nation

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