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7 Must-Have Tools for DIY Beginners

You’re ready to start your DIY journey, but what do you need to get going? This article will take you through seven essential tools you need to make your first DIY projects a success.

1. Drill / Driver Kit

Drilling holes and driving screws, DIY projects at any level usually require the use of a drill/driver. Whether you’re building a shelf or hanging wall art, you’ll need to have a drill/driver in your toolbox.

Recommended Drill/Driver Kit: 18V ONE+™ Compact Drill / Driver Kit

Why this one?

  • Lightweight design is great for beginners.
  • ONE+ Battery and Charger Included.
  • The ONE+ system is an entire family of 18V tools that operate off the same battery. This lets you build on your tool collection, adding on the tools and batteries you want, when you want them.

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2. Drilling & Driving Bits

You'll need the right bit for the right job. Depending on your project, you may need to drill a pilot hole, or drive a Torx-Head fastener. Having a variety of drill and driving bits will save you lots of time, and lots of trips to the hardware store.

Recommended Bit Kit: 39 PC. DRILL AND DRIVE KIT

Why this one?

  • This inexpensive set includes most commonly used types of drill and driver kits.
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3. Circular Saw

A Circular Saw is lightweight, portable and versatile. It can be used for quick and precise cutting of all types of wood, for just about any project.

Recommended Circular Saw: 18V ONE+™ 6 1/2 IN. CIRCULAR SAW Why this one?

  • Cordless for easy movement
  • Compatible with any ONE+ battery (Yes, it will work with your drill/driver battery)
  • Beveling capability for cutting at an angle
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4. Tape Measure

From DIY tasks, to everyday uses around the home, no toolbox is complete without it!

Recommended Tape Measure: 25 FT. TAPE MEASURE

Why this one?

  • Easy-to-read markings with fractions
  • 25 ft. length for DIY projects of all sizes
  • Durable casing
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5. Level

Levels are essential for perfect alignment. Laser features create a visual aid for perfect placement.

Recommended Level: LASER CUBE

Why this one?

  • Compact, doesn't take up much room
  • Vertical and horizontal bubble
  • 10 ft. laser projection for perfect placement.
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6. Stud Finder

For building or hanging projects, you need to know where your wall studs are. Studs help support heavier weight, so you can safely secure things like shelves, heavy mirrors, and art to your walls.

Recommended Stud Finder: LED WHOLE STUD DETECTOR

Why this one?

  • Identifies the entire width of the stud rather than just locating studs, or finding the center of a stud
  • Helps you know when you are over wood, metal, and electrical wires.
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7. Flash Light

A flashlight is a household essential. The only question is, which will meet both DIY and household needs?

Recommended Flash Light: 18V ONE+™ Worklight

Why this one?

  • Adjustable light beam to aim towards your work surface
  • Compatible with any ONE+ battery
  • Multiple options for stationing the light wherever you need it most
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posted on April 18, 2018

by RYOBI Nation

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