• Perfect spot for spray
    By SSGMONROE, on May 29, 2020

  • Great work. And more proof that I'm right about how to hang toilet paper (lol)
    By Hill-Top-1, on June 6, 2020
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  • Wow! Nicely done.  Did you use cedar lumber throughout the build or a mix of cedar and pressure treated?
    By grover959, on May 5, 2020
    • did you ever hear from anyone when you commented on this great project??
      By soutrnatl_17150, on June 1, 2020
    • yes I used mostly cedar but anything with ground contact it was PT.

      Sorry for the delay. 
      By Monty's shed, on July 23, 2020

  • Looks good.  Also looks like the design could be adapted to allow for some storage access under the planting box.  
    By Build257, on May 12, 2020
    • yes after building this the way the picture showed, I thought about the storage under the planter box, can always make the changes before planting season!!!
      By Monty's shed, on July 23, 2020

  • I would really appreciate a step by step instruction sheet please.

    I got the material sheet and looking at the diagram and the product it looks like the pieces are cut differently than what you get from Home Depot

    By soutrnatl_17150, on May 18, 2020

  • please send a instruction sheet or plan for building this project.

    I am going to do it but need a little more info on the pieces used and lengths and steps to construct please

    Not sure if this tells you who I am, ??  I am soutrnatl_17150 
    By soutrnatl_17150, on May 18, 2020

  • Monty or whomever, I am really trying to get a few instructions for this project.  The material list is simple but does not include any kind of help in the steps to follow and actual pieces to be used, can you please enclose a plan to build/ construct this great garden project.  I am sure their are others who want to make this project but like me are unsure of exactly what to do.

    Please send or publish your plan or build sheet??

    John D
    By soutrnatl_17150, on May 20, 2020

  • Monty or even Jena,  Can you please supply a few instructions on how-tos for the actual construction of this fantastic piece.

    I am ready to go to work on it but Given the limited info I am seeking a few plans or steps so I can move forward, please.

    I don't know if contributors like you even get to see these comments and request for help,  I really do hope somehow or someone who knows you lets you know of the interest being generated by your work.

    Thanks   John D
    By soutrnatl_17150, on May 20, 2020

  • Looking at the illustrations and the pieces on the material list..15 2x4x8  some must be cut to made the smaller sections?

    25 1x6x8  not sure where they are applied

    the 2  4x6x8  have no idea where you used them except maybe on the corners od the door frames??
    The Plastic, netting, and screws seems like those items can be seen but the other stuff really could use your help on where and how much to be used at what location
    By soutrnatl_17150, on May 20, 2020

  • Monty, seems like there is no way for members to contact each other other than this mode??

    I have written several times and asked for more details on material and on plans ( step by step )  I am absolutely trying to do what you did and follow your steps  but I have received nothing back

    Do these requests go anywhere or can someone send you a message somehow other than keeping leaving notes that seem to go nowhere??



    By soutrnatl_17150, on June 1, 2020
    • I didn't even know you could leave comments here sorry.
      By Monty's shed, on July 23, 2020

  • If anyone knows who monty or Jena is ( are) please let them know there are several questions about this project waiting to be answered>

    Please, I have material but am looking for a few tips or points from which to start this project
    By soutrnatl_17150, on June 12, 2020

  • Please share what steps you took to pull thos off.

    Great project but nothing in way of steps or a simple plan on construction.

    An awesome number of Ryobi tools and the overall material listing but nothing in way of where the long pieces go and then what are the dimensions of the shorter pieces that are obvious in the design

    Please share that info.
    By soutrnatl_17150, on June 15, 2020
    • hello Soutrnatl_17150,

      I will try and answer any questions you have, and also draw something up so it will be useful to have other people make it. give me a day or so see what i can do.
      By Monty's shed, on July 23, 2020

  • Sorry it took so long to get back on this project, I never saw these comments before today. I will try to draw something up and upload it to this page or something I'll figure something out.

    again sorry
    By Monty's shed, on July 23, 2020

  • 25 @ 1x6x8' Cedar "Fence Pickets"
    15 @ 2x4x8' "stud"
    2   @ 3/4" PT Plywood (to line the planter box)
    2   @ 4x6x8' Pressure Treated (Skids to rest the whole box on. also makes it movable if needed)
    1   @ 48"x50' roll of netting of some sort (I used plastic netting seems to be working just fine)
    1   @ Roll of Plastic to line the boxes (I used 10mil plastic becase I had it left over from another project)
    1   @ 5lb box of 3 inch screws. (you shouldn't need the whole box but better to have extra than not enough)

    Over all demensions are 6' hight x 7' length x 7' width
    The over all planter box demensions are 27.5 hight x 7' length x 7' width.
    The measurements for the 2x4's are as follows"
    6   @ 2x4x7'         (all outside walls--back, left and right)
    4   @ 2x4x4'         (inside walls--left and right)
    4   @ 2x4x2'         (front walls--left and right)
    2   @ 2x4x33"       (inside wall--back)
    22 @ 2x4x24.5"    (these are for the "studs" on all the walls) (look at the pictures to kinda see where i put them the corners                                   are all doubled up for nailing purposes)
    6   @ 2x4x6'          (these are for the "uprights" in the 4 corners and 2 in the door opening)
    3   @ 2x4x43"       (these are for the "uprights" in the middle of the outside left, right and back)
    2   @ 2x4x7'          (these are for the "roof frame" top of the outside left and right "uprights")
    3   @ 2x4x81"       (these are for the "roof frame" top of front, back and middle ***to be screwed into the top left and right***) 

    The measurements for the Cedar Pickets are as follows:
    Start off in the back (to hide and "mistakes" LOL
    Outside (back) wall is 7 feet long and 5 plckets (27.5") high.
    Outside (left) wall is 7 feet long and 5 pickets (27.5") high
    Front (left) wall is 2 feet long and 5 pickets (27.5") high
    Inside (left) wall is 4 feet long and 5 pickets (27.5") high
    Inside (back) wall is 3 feet long and 5 picketd (27.5") high
    Inside (right) wall is 4 feet long and 5 pickets (27.5") high
    Front (right) wall is 2 feet long and 5 pickets (27.5") high
    Outside (right) wall is 7 feet long and 5 pickets (27.5") high

    Making the door:

    2   @ 2x4x6'        (these are the 2 sides of the door)
    3   @ 2x4x33"     (these are for the top, bottom and middle of the door) (33" might need to be shaved to get a good fit)
    5   @ 35.5"          (use cedar pickets to cover up the bottom of the door as in the pictures)

    I also used Cedar pickets to cap the 2x4's on the top of the planter box. Just some clean 45* cuts to make it look clean.
    I won't/can't give you those measurement because you would need to make sure it fits your finished frame. but again look at the pictures to kinda match up with what im talking about.

    I will still try to draw up some plans but it might take some time as i just used the only picture that my wife showed me. ill have to draw them from scratch. 
    I hope this helps everyone, that was looking for more infomation on this project.

    Long live Ryobi One + Tools

    Monty's Shed 7/23/2020
    By Monty's shed, on July 23, 2020

  • I can follow all of the material positions etc...But what cuts for the 3/4” plywood and how did you attach the you have supports running along both sides underneath??? That is all I couldn’t see any material. 
    By user_thurier_1578280, on August 6, 2020
    • The 3/4" Plywood is cut to fit the inside dimensions of the boxes and yes I did use 2x4s to support the plywood. The soil is only half of the depth the rest is empty space. Hope this helps. 
      By Monty's shed, on August 9, 2020
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  • Would you mind sharing the measurements for this project? 
    By JSimons82, on April 28, 2020
    • Garden bed dimensions:
      1” x 6” (4) - 48”
      1” x 6” (4) - 24”
      1” x 3” (8) - 36.5”
      1” x 3” (12) - 24”
      1” x 3” (2) - 48”
      1” x 2” (2) - 25.5”
      1” x 2” (9) - 48”
      Terrill dimensions:
      1” x 2” (2) - 76”
      1” x 2” (2) - 65”
      1” x 2” (1) - 58”
      1” x 2” (4) - 50”
      By Jmensing, on April 28, 2020
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  • The garden came out beautifully! I'm excited to see it in bloom! Any ideas what you're going to plant!?
    By Withthesehands, on April 29, 2020
    • I am planting: corn, beans, potatoes, sweet peas, cucumbers, lettuce, cilantro, jalapeno, peppers, mint, oregano... to name a few.
      By Crafty_at_Heart, on April 29, 2020
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