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I'm Serena Appiah from Thrift Diving, a blog that inspires you to decorate, improve, and maintain your home on a DIY (do-it-yourself) budget! When we bought our outdated 1973 home in the winter of 2010, we spent every nickel and dime buying the house and had no money left over for decorating or repairs. I taught myself how to make over old thrift store furniture, but there were improvements, repairs, and projects I wanted to tackle that required me to learn to use power tools. Today, I absolutely LOVE power tools! There's no project I won't try at least once! On Thrift Diving, I walk you through, step-by-step (including video tutorials) on how to transform your home with thrift store finds, power tools, and creativity. My readers and I also do quarterly 30-Day Room Makeover Challenges where we transform one room in our houses at a time.


    • To see the full video tutorial on how to make this project, find me on YouTube here: http://bit.ly/Upcycle-Tutorial
      By Thriftdiving, on December 4, 2014
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    • beautiful!! Love this!
      By lbugarin1, on March 5, 2015

    • It turned out beautiful. I am going to have to borrow your idea. ;-)
      By mar99, on March 5, 2015

    • Great piece. I love this table. I would love to learn how to do tile work.
      By lsuriecraw, on March 5, 2015

    • Love It and designing your own pattern on the tile!
      By ahoefle, on March 5, 2015

    • Beautiful!
      By ahoefle, on March 6, 2015

    • Awesome turn out! I'm going to have to do this soon!
      By Cjsaldana81, on March 7, 2015

    • Terrific and resourceful repurposing. Really nice. Gave me inspiration to revive a similar piece in basement. I will use your technique. Very nice =)
      By SSH, on March 13, 2015

    • Thanks for all the great comments, everyone! ~Serena @ Thrift Diving
      By Thriftdiving, on March 13, 2015
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    • What would I build? I would take on all of the small projects around the house that I keep having to ask my father in law to do, because I don't own a power saw! We've lived for 10 years in our house without baseboards on the second floor, so that would be my first project! I'm sure the 12" Ryobi sliding miter saw would help accomplish the job, no problem!
      By Tosa Laurie, on September 3, 2015

    • I bet you could put a plastic liner where the bottles are and put ice in it to keep the drinks cold. Neat Idea! I might try this. Thanks for sharing!
      By mtaylor729, on September 3, 2015

    • I would build an entryway bench with cubbies!! Of course with the hubbies help, but I think we could do it with that amazing saw!!
      By Pinkbubblelady, on September 3, 2015

    • Such a neat project.. What would I do? Add wainscoting in my kitchen.
      By henrysmt, on September 3, 2015

    • I would build a vintage headboard bench, and untold numbers of picture frames for all my unframed art.
      By poordog3, on September 4, 2015

    • this is a great project. Bottles stay in place not rolling around on a tray. LIKE, LIKE,LIKE
      By Right Tools, on September 5, 2015

    • Great project. I would use the miter saw to finish all of the trim in my room addition, baseboards, window trim, chair rail. I also have some projects that would be much easier with sliding miter saw. Would love, love, love it!
      By Renee928, on September 7, 2015

    • Best looking DIY drink holder I've seen! The snack compartment/tray is genius. Thanks for the inspiration. With a mitre saw, I'd build a sofa.
      By qgerms, on September 23, 2015

    • Love it! If I had my very own miter saw, I'd make your awesome drink holder and finally be able to build all of my own canvases!
      By CaraMarie, on September 24, 2015

    • I'll post pictures of mine once my wall mounted bottle opener comes in. I had to order it online. I didn't see any in the stores that I liked.
      By bruceetaylor_1040, on October 6, 2015
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    • i love your work such great ideas coming from ya i love the backpack you could sell these id buy one id like to win a drill
      By carol clark, on April 5, 2017
      • Thanks, Carol!! What would be even cooler is to cut all the materials and sell the *kit* so that people could assemble it themselves! That would be awesome, right?? Godo luck on winning!
        By Thriftdiving, on April 6, 2017

    • That is the coolest backpack EVER! I need a new jigsaw. (Mine belonged to my husband's grandfather... it's seen better days.) I hear the plunge tool is cool. Maybe a scroll saw? I can come up with lots of things I "need"!
      By mandyjcasey, on April 5, 2017
      • I've got a scroll saw! I haven't unpacked it yet because I'm in the midst of getting the other side of my garage together. But I've heard they're just like using a sewing machine, only with a blade! :)
        By Thriftdiving, on April 6, 2017

    • Great backpack. I'm going to try and make one. A router would make my projects a lot easier for me to do. I have a hand saw, drill, and my drill also works as a screw drive. Love all of your projects, look forward to them. I will admit I sometimes do them a little different than you. kickingback now. Judy King-B
      By kickingback now, on April 5, 2017
      • Hey there, Judy! Glad to hear you're pulling together your collection of tools! A router is such a cool tool to own. I had no idea there were so many router bits to do everything imaginable! I'm building my collection of those. And that's good that you do things differently than me! The key is actually DOING something! So I'm happy to hear this! :)
        By Thriftdiving, on April 6, 2017

    • Such a cute bag and great tutorial! I just purchased my first house and would absolutely looooooove to have a compound miter saw and a pressure washer for the projects on my list. :)
      By NickiJo, on April 5, 2017
      • Hey there, NickiJo! Congrats on buying your first house. The miter saw will come in handy, especially if you decide to hang your own crown molding! Unfortunately, the $300 in tools is only for the power tools. The outdoor tools are a separate department not included in this giveaway. BUT....this spring, I may be doing a giveaway and makeover challenge with them, too, so there's still hope to win that pressure washer at that time! :)
        By Thriftdiving, on April 6, 2017

    • I agree; that's the perfect size. The only thing that might make it even cooler is if we could change the fabric out for a different color. ☺ Thanks for pointing out we can substitute a router for a jig saw. I love all my Ryobis- Luckily the 18 v one can use the lithium batteries. I didn't realize they made a pressure washer; that would be great to win. Thank you!
      By Gardenerz, on April 5, 2017
      • Oooh, that would be really cool! In that case, the next one I make will have a piece of fabric riveted, but that piece of fabric will be a small row of fabric with SNAPS attached, and then you can change it out! Thanks for the idea! I have another one cut and will attempt to do that! I'll keep you posted on how it goes!
        By Thriftdiving, on April 6, 2017

    • I love this project. I think this is your best DIY project ever. How heavy is this? It looks like it weighs a good bit...but the cool factor makes it worth it.
      By Kathyhills, on April 5, 2017
      • You know what? It LOOKS heavier than it is. I was worried at first how heavy it would be because the bocote wood is dense. But when putting it on, it's actually not that heavy! I guess the back is very strong. ;)
        By Thriftdiving, on April 6, 2017

    • Love your blog, you are my idol. I always want it to do my own repairs and dyi around the house. After reading your blog I registered for a women woodworking classes. Now I learning how to use power tools and I love it. I made two stepstool ( i will send you pictures) now everybody i know wants one and I want to make a table but I newd some powers tools. It will be awesome to have my own and I can do my work at home instead of the community place. Love, the backpack great idea and a fun project. Gladys
      By Gladysew61, on April 5, 2017
      • Gladys, your comment leaves a smile on my face! You're the reason I love blogging and inspiring women so much, because you were inspired and then DID something about it! So happy to hear you're learning how to use tools! We have a woodworking class near me and I would have taken it if they classes weren't on the weekends. Hubby works weekends so there's no one to watch the kids for 2 solid days while I take classes. They also have classes on Finishing 101, and I want to check it out and learn some new tips! :) Thanks!
        By Thriftdiving, on April 6, 2017

    • Cool bag and great directions. I have only hand tools, so any power tool would be a major step up. I could really use the One + Ultimate 6 piece kit.
      By Joni CS, on April 5, 2017

    • Love this! Since I prefer things that are a bit different and like backpacks because they leave my hands free, this is a win-win. Since I own very few power tools, I would be like a kid in a candy store if I won! Maybe some kind is saw, maybe a router, maybe maybe maybe.....
      By nita, on April 5, 2017
      • LOL, so many to choose from! I just got a band saw last week, but I haven't unboxed it yet because I have nowhere to set it up yet. Still getting the garage set up. But I hear amazing things about it and how much more control you have when cutting things with shapes and curves!
        By Thriftdiving, on April 6, 2017

    • Very neat idea! I'd definitely use it! I love your blog and your inspirational diy projects! I would be so excited to win a miter saw :)
      By Sashan, on April 5, 2017
      • Good luck, Sashan! Thank you for the compliment!
        By Thriftdiving, on April 6, 2017

    • YES!! Another great video. Love the way you thought outside the box and created something useful. Using that riveter tool looks hard and fun at the same time. Question: you glued, could you have also used the nail gun? The Ryobi cordless nailer would make me a very happy women. Great video!!
      By user_vauss_172581, on April 6, 2017
      • OMG, the riveter....amazing and difficult at the same time! They're really hard to squeeze together, so at times I have to use the workbench as leverage and push it down that way. I finally had to call in hubby and his huge hands to help! So if you have a man around with big strong hands, have him squeeze it for you! To answer your question, yes, I could have used a nailer, but I didn't want to leave any nail holes. If I were painting it, the nail holes could have easily been filled and painted over and you'd never know. But with stain or leaving it stainless, the nail holes would have been so obvious. Wood glue is stronger than wood, so if left to dry properly, and clamped securely, it will provide a very tough seam.
        By Thriftdiving, on April 6, 2017

    • This is great! You are so creative! I could use all sorts of tools. I would like a jigsaw and a small sander. My husband has many tools, but most of them are too big and heavy for me and the projects I do. Thanks so much for sharing your project and for the giveaway!
      By pamijoy, on April 6, 2017
      • Hey there, Pam! Yes, the jigsaw is great! It's one of my favorite, quick, go-to tools when I need to cut something quick or with angles! Good luck in winning!
        By Thriftdiving, on April 6, 2017

    • Omg! This bag is so cute! Might try making one even though I'm still learning ! I love your blog and follow on Instagram! I would love a jig saw , sander , more batteries and the big charger. I love ryobi tools! I would also love the stand for my miter saw !
      By sagirl76, on April 6, 2017
      • Hey there! So glad you like the back! You could totally make this!
        By Thriftdiving, on April 6, 2017

    • LOVE THIS! It's so easy to put one's own individual spin on it too, from changing sizes, material colors, closures, etc. Brilliant!
      By ed1claudia, on April 6, 2017
      • Yes, you are correct! And for anyone concerned about the weight (which it doesn't weight much at all), you could use 1/2" plywood on the sides instead of the 3/4". Plus, the wood I used is exotic wood (bocote) which is denser. But plywood doesn't weigh as much. And you can paint the sides bright colors! :) So many possibilities! :)
        By Thriftdiving, on April 6, 2017

    • I'd love to get my DIY on and actually make this. I need lots of cool new power tools. Nothing would disappoint me ... It'd be a hard decisiot!
      By Dannie17, on April 6, 2017
      • Good luck, Dannie! I would love for you to make it, too. It's a fun project. One of the most fun I've done this year so far! :)
        By Thriftdiving, on April 6, 2017

    • Good looking bag! Very glad to have found your site. We have a Ryobi circular saw and would love an orbital sander too :o)
      By brwndot, on April 6, 2017
      • Glad you found me, too! :) You will enjoy the sander. Lots of refinishing you can do with it!
        By Thriftdiving, on April 6, 2017

    • Your design is very creative. I can't wait to pin it on Pinterest. BTW I want all the Ryobi tools!
      By sethpinckney, on April 6, 2017
      • Thanks, Seth! Good luck!
        By Thriftdiving, on April 6, 2017

    • What a fascinating project and a fantastic result! I'm sure you'll get many compliments. But I definitely need some tools: I don't have any saw, could use a sander, maybe a nail gun, and a while back you showed a smallish work station that would be perfect. Not sure of the prices, but any of these tools within the contest limit would get me super excited and help me get a workshop area set up in my garage. Thanks for sharing and giving us an opportunity to win.
      By Teckla, on April 6, 2017

    • very cute! I could see me carrying around a tote version. If I won I'd probably get a planer or a jigsaw.
      By bbbmonce, on April 6, 2017

    • I have never heard of a wood backpack. What a wonderful project. I enjoy reading your blog. Not sure which tool if I won but I love Ryobi. Maybe an orbital sander or shoot this is hard. Must give more thought. LOL
      By Cris P, on April 6, 2017

    • That's an awesome backpack Serena. Looks like we have a winner here. It's absolutely beautiful. It's so different from all of the other backpacks. This one is by far the most original backpack that I've ever seen. Those Ryobi tools get the job done every time. My dad was a carpenter by trade just like Saint Joseph in the Bible. Yes, his name was also Joseph. He loved building things. I bet you that he would have loved to have these Ryobi tools to work with. It would have made life a little easier on him. I love the miter saw but it's probably over my budget. The jig saw looks like it would do the trick. I read where you can cut wood surfaces, thin sheet metal, plastics and laminates. That's my kind of tool.
      By SisterSister, on April 6, 2017

    • Serena, the backpack turned out so nice and I would have never thought of making one out of wood. My current project is cleaning the countless blobs of glue off of my now exposed pine wood ceiling. Found a cheap oscillating corded tool with a blade to see if it will do the trick and it works! However, it would be nice to have the cordless one Ryobi makes (didn't realize they made one until today) so it would be much easier to be on scaffolding or a ladder with your hands above your head and not end up getting tangled up in the cord. Thank you for sharing your projects and encouraging others to challenge themselves to try things they thought they were not capable of doing!
      By tgail, on April 7, 2017

    • Awesome backpack!! I badly want a Ryobi brad nailer and a miter saw
      By monarch64, on April 7, 2017

    • Whew! What a project! I think yours is worth about $185! It was a clever idea, which would be very useful for someone with a laptop or some fancy electronic thingie... talk about protection! There you go, I'd like to win a laptop. No, just kidding... I just realized that I need a serious stapler or nail gun, since I keep doing upholstery stuff, even though I had sworn it off... Great project, Serena!
      By LindaLW666, on April 11, 2017

    • My experience with ryobi tools has been really good, would love to add some more of them for "making cool stuff". Serena from Thrift Diving has a great blog and is the reason I came to the Ryobi website . (I don't know her and she didn't pay me to say that- but I wouldn't turn down any contributions. lol).
      By ed1claudia, on April 11, 2017

    • I'm not a back pack person, especially not a wooden one. LOL But this video is inspirational! Now, I want to make a project tote for my take along embroidery projects! I need some saws to get started, though.
      By Nanette, on April 11, 2017

    • Way to think out of the box for this one! I'm enjoying your blog so far and it's great to have access to cool ideas and stuff like Ryobi nation!' My husband and I just moved into our first home and we are so excited to start doing more major DIY projects. I'm excited to get some finish nail guns and a jig saw to make both a headboard for our new bed and to install board and batten style wainscoting in our dining room!
      By Kayschwab8, on April 12, 2017

    • Such a cool project! You always have interesting ideas and projects. Keep up the great work.
      By marys96596_42687, on April 12, 2017

    • Absolutely amazing. I wish I could make one, but I'd probably end up with a chopped finger, or two. I'm scared of power tools, haha.
      By mar99, on May 1, 2017

    • I just love your projects and I love this backpack I would love to win a new jigsaw. Currently making the window covering with the frame in the material for my master bedroom now I need to try to make this thanks for all that you do
      By LbuersLodi, on May 1, 2017

    • So very clever and functional!
      By WhoaFlicka, on May 1, 2017

    • This is one of the nicest things I've seen! I'll try it!! Thanks Serena for all you do!!
      By mtaylor729, on May 1, 2017
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    • No more road trip entertainment problems! Great solution that looks awesome to boot!
      By RYOBI Nation, on May 31, 2017

    • I'm dropping my kids off with my parents in July. 3.5 hour trip to the "halfway" point. I can totally use this. I need to build two dresser/nightstand things while the girls are gone, so that's the plan whether I win the tools or not.
      By mandyjcasey, on June 5, 2017

    • Looks like this would be very handy and will keep the grandkids from losing their iPads! Thanks for another great project.
      By MarilynnH, on June 10, 2017

    • I love this! My granddaughter will be entertained, and I won't hear that she "lost the cartoon" if she can't play with the screen. Thanks!
      By Mardol66, on June 10, 2017

    • This is such a unique idea and it turned out great. Serena-your recent (kind of) dresser rehab has me inspired. (The tall mid century dresser you painted white.) I have a similar dresser that the previous owner put drawer pulls on - kind of ruins the mid-century vibe. Need to figure out the best way to cover the holes, and then sand/strip the existing paint off. I've had this dresser since my first apartment and the pulls have always annoyed me. Finally feeling confident that I could redo it without botching it! Thank you for your inspiring posts!
      By Anje, on June 10, 2017

    • I love this project and the road maps..
      By bowling bonnie, on June 10, 2017

    • Great project! Can't wait for my grandson to be older so I can make this for him
      By marys96596_42687, on June 11, 2017

    • Super cool project idea. I have friends with three small kids that spend lots of time in the car traveling. This would make a great surprise gift.
      By grover959, on June 13, 2017

    • Serena does it again, great project!
      By Buffy Myers, on June 26, 2017
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    • Great little project! Thanks for sharing. :)
      By fEzZ, on October 3, 2016
      • Aww, thanks, fEzZ! Glad you like it!!
        By Thriftdiving, on October 13, 2016

    • Love this! I would love to see projects DIY Christmas wreaths!
      By aperson826, on October 13, 2016
      • Thanks! That's a great project idea! :)
        By Thriftdiving, on October 17, 2016

    • Love the project - I know what I will be looking for on my next trip to the thrift store! I would love to see some outdoor holiday decorating ideas. My Mom really decorates up her front lawn & the front of the house every year, but the store bought decorations are getting old and are starting not to work anymore. At 93 tears old, she can’t do the yard decorating herself anymore, so my brother & I visit her in early December to put up her decorations. I would love to see outdoor decorations that we could add lights to, that we could make & put in her yard.
      By Dragonhome, on October 13, 2016
      • Great idea! I haven't done a bunch of holiday decorating, but I'm addicted now! I can't wait to do some things for Christmas! :) I'll come up with some fun ideas for you!
        By Thriftdiving, on October 17, 2016

    • I love your dispenser. I would love to see some Christmas outdoor ideas.
      By Cris P, on October 13, 2016

    • This is a great tutorial. It could be decorated for any holiday. I love wooden Christmas trees and would really like to see some wooden. Christmas decor.
      By NickiJo, on October 14, 2016

    • Very cute, very ambitious for a gal who doesn't "do holiday decorating". Good job!
      By Mary Lyn, on October 14, 2016
      • LOL, Thanks, Mary!! :) I'm glad I was challenged to do some holiday stuff!
        By Thriftdiving, on October 17, 2016

    • Although I don't decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, I am looking ahead. After seeing this candy dispenser I know you would have an idea. I would love a Christmas tree that is tall and thin and sparse (but not as sparse as a Charlie Brown tree) to hang my different collections from. Lots of room for ornaments, yet small in circumference than a standard Christmas tree. I know with those cool RYOBI tools you could think of and then make a fun project like this for us :) LauraLori
      By LauraLori, on October 14, 2016

    • I would love to see an advent calendar or a creative way to display Christmas Cards.
      By MissMichele, on October 14, 2016
      • That would be a great project! Thanks for the idea!
        By Thriftdiving, on October 17, 2016

    • Great idea. For Christmas I would like to see ideas that are easier to store and possibly a bit lighter in weight. I often love so many ideas but the storage and ability to move them make it prohibitive to consider the project.
      By lab1281, on October 17, 2016

    • Great project! My grandma used to have something like this that someone made that would dispense M and M's. I always thought it was good I didn't have it- all I would have gotten done would have been reloading the candy dispenser. :)
      By sledgehammerqueen, on October 19, 2016

    • I guess taking your idea to the next level, it would be really fun to do something for Christmas that was interactive. Maybe something like a santa that comes down the chimney??
      By sledgehammerqueen, on October 19, 2016

    • So very creative! I have never used power tools. Can you think of a beginners power tool project for a front porch? My hubby has lots of ply-wood around. :) Thanks again!
      By MrsCotta, on October 23, 2016

    • Thank you! This is neat idea. I would love to see how to transfer to wood - art or words. Easiest way possible. For example, making signs for outdoors etc. Or what to do with leftover pavers?? I have a bunch left from our patio and I'd like to use them to make decor etc for our outdoors. However, I have no clue what to do with those pavers?
      By pintobean, on October 30, 2016

    • Great tutorial! I would love to see some outdoor decorations for Christmas that you can add lights to! Also would love to see some Christmas stocking holders. Thanks.
      By Tysteben, on October 30, 2016

    • So cute for Halloween. I'd love to see more Christmas ornaments & pallet projects. I love making new things out of repurposed objects.
      By pamml, on October 30, 2016

    • I have pinned this idea and would enjoy seeing the two ideas Michele mentions above. Hate to be a copy cat but they are good ideas! would especially love to make an advent calendar.
      By LauraLori, on October 30, 2016

    • Looking for a how to on Christmas Moose. Big ones. For the yard. Digging that candy dispenser
      By debbiedowner67_114357, on October 30, 2016

    • Love this. Would love to see lawn ornaments made from pallets.
      By BBecki, on October 30, 2016

    • The Halloween Candy dispenser is really awesome. I'd like more small craft projects like this, wreaths, frames, and seasonal decorations.
      By Moxey2000, on October 30, 2016

    • This is so cute! I think a moving Santa in a sleigh made from wood would be so fantastic!
      By Carol Taylor Starr, on October 30, 2016

    • I think a wood cut out Christmas tree would be cool!!
      By monarch64, on October 30, 2016

    • This is so creative! I'd love to see a project with the scroll saw. I "think" I want one.
      By Anak10149, on October 30, 2016

    • Super cute idea especially for the office during Halloween. I love Christmas & Halloween. Maybe more outdoors decoration crafts. thank you for all your hard work & great ideas!!
      By Lnguerrero, on October 30, 2016

    • I would love to see some plans for snowmen made out of pallets. They are great for the Holiday season but can still be cute decor into Jan and February.
      By Melia, on October 30, 2016

    • I would love to see some plans for snowmen made out of pallets. They are great for the Holiday season but can still be cute decor into Jan and February.
      By Melia, on October 30, 2016

    • I would love to see a christmas wreath project or perhaps some other front porch decoration
      By Jacksmom1, on October 30, 2016

    • Let's make a custom Christmas tree toppers!!!
      By Henny00, on October 30, 2016

    • Not sure if the holiday project idea is to be here or at Your Thrift Diving blog so will post at both. Would love to see you use your miter saw to make a Christmas Tree wallhanging for your front porch!
      By Quiltsharon, on October 30, 2016

    • So cute!!! I would love to see some cute fall decorations for Thanksgiving that will last from year to year. Thanks for a great post AND a great giveaway!
      By Jess V, on October 30, 2016

    • Your creativity is really inspiring! I would love a sleigh made from repurposed items.
      By JenniferCloud, on October 30, 2016

    • Your creativity is really inspiring! I would love a sleigh made from repurposed items.
      By JenniferCloud, on October 30, 2016

    • Great tutorial. I am pinning this post. I would love to see some gift giving wood working projects like cutting boards for the chefs in my life or sturdy lined boxes to store the holiday silver settings. I love wood working and just promoted out of job that gave me access to all the shop tools like table saws, planers, radial arm saws. I am so going to miss the smell of fresh cut wood until I can build up a private collection of tools.
      By Desertrose920, on October 30, 2016

    • What a great use for our old fish bowl, love it. I would love to see 3-d Christmas ornaments made, like the big balls for your yard. Looking forward to seeing what craft ideas you come up with!
      By ahoefle, on October 30, 2016

    • Awesome! I would love to see some large yard art Christmas projects!!
      By DragonLady, on October 30, 2016

    • Awesome! I would love to see some large yard art Christmas projects!!
      By DragonLady, on October 30, 2016

    • Thus is so cute. Going to show this to my daughter she might be able to use this in her classroom.
      By Celticlass, on October 30, 2016

    • Great tutorial! I would have to make mine a gum-ball machine though. You make it look so easy too.
      By Kellyjo2708, on October 30, 2016

    • Nice job. I just hope if it was an upcycled fish bowl it was cleaned thoroughly with Clorox sufficiently before using to dispense candy!
      By Smbritt, on October 30, 2016

    • I absolutely love this! I would like to see some giant candy canes to frame the doorway!
      By whterose20, on October 30, 2016

    • That;s a great dispenser! How about a project for Christmas that is a large outdoor tree made with wood and lights?
      By Mhj, on October 31, 2016

    • I have so much scrap wood, maybe an advent/countdown type of project for the holidays?
      By wbushway, on October 31, 2016

    • Shared on Pinterest
      By Jacksmom1, on October 31, 2016

    • Very cute idea! As someone else mentioned, a nice display for Christmas cards that I personally would use in my office to add a little decoration in a small space. Just started tackling a house that was from the 1920's covered up by 70's paneling, carpet etc...lots of work to bring back it's character, but will eventually have a beautiful house to decorate!
      By tgail, on October 31, 2016

    • Love this candy dispenser project. I would love to see more ideas for Christmas using recycled wood & lights. Like the wooden pallet Christmas trees. And wooden tree decorations. Thank you! ~ Carol W. workmanscraps(at)gmail(dot)com
      By clworkman4, on October 31, 2016
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    • That is beautiful, thanks for sharing.....
      By Siclestix, on November 2, 2018

    • Love the wood grain on your completed project.
      By AnnetteMW, on November 3, 2018
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    • Didn't know that the Ryobi drill holder would attach to peg board. Great idea.
      By somebodylaughed_101843, on May 2, 2016

    • As usual, you rock Serena! Choosing a prize will be so much fun if I win this month's Ryobi giveaway.
      By nita, on May 3, 2016

    • This is a fantastic storage idea, for a garage or shed or basement!! The wood bin is fantastic! Thanks for sharing!!
      By PatriciaB63, on May 4, 2016

    • Love the idea here why not uses something you already have. I'm in the process of updating our kitchen was wondering what to do with 3 uppers cabinets turn them into garage cabinets always in need of more storage. With your detail instruction I will be the envy of the neighborhood. Thanks Again
      By denisebarkel, on September 28, 2016
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    • This is how you explain it on your video....hehe
      By Dupriest3000, on October 18, 2017

    • Thank you for sharing this detailed DIY tutorial!! I especially love to see a fellow Woman working with tools!!! I aspire to have my own set of power tools! :-)
      By mariarchijones, on October 18, 2017

    • I loved this idea!!! Wish I had thought of it before we redid our pantry last year. I could always use this in another cabinet though.
      By ProjectsMyWay, on October 18, 2017

    • I love this project. I think I'll do it just so I will have a spot to store my "emergency" chocolate stash from my husband!
      By nycmommy, on October 18, 2017

    • I really like this project. It's functional and attractive and looks really fun to do. I am so pleased to know about the wood conditioner. I had never heard of it before, although it makes perfect sense. I will definitely be using it on projects in the future.
      By ThatEllisWoman, on October 18, 2017

    • I saw how clean it was on the video, so glad that you left the detailed the project here. My one year old get into everything so it will really come in handy.
      By AkaiaD, on October 18, 2017
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    • I've got to try this! I have lots of photos, and lots of pieces of wood! this will be so cool!
      By LindaLW666, on November 7, 2017

    • I love this so much! Plus, I've always wanted to try using a router.
      By Linds, on November 7, 2017

    • this is awesome!
      By andreslh, on November 7, 2017

    • Great job! Gonna make a Christmas picture themed wall include some Christmas cards I have saved over the years that I thought were extra cute. Thanks for inspiration!
      By Melissa Johnson, on November 7, 2017

    • This turned out beautifully. It's personally too much work for me to do since I don't have a lot of patience.
      By tlickliter2001, on November 7, 2017

    • AWESOME IDEA....
      By plproper, on November 8, 2017

    • Turned out very nice, good job!! I like this idea and using the router made it into a real frame!
      By TMVA, on November 13, 2017

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