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    • This is such a cute project! Your parents must have been thrilled. (Andy and Pepper too, of course!) The little white bones on the sides are a really nice touch. This looks so much better than plain old bowls sitting on the floor!
      By RYOBI Nation, on July 20, 2016

    • Love your dog bowl holder! Thanks for sharing and entering our under $10 Power Tool #readerchallenge! Good luck! gail
      By MyRepurposedLife, on November 6, 2016
      • Thank you, Gail!
        By seanessa, on November 7, 2016

    • This is awesome!! Great job!
      By MyLove2Create, on November 8, 2016
      • Thank you, Mindi!
        By seanessa, on November 9, 2016
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    • Love how you left spacing between the chevron patterns! Awesome job!
      By Smashingdiy, on December 24, 2016
      • Thank you for the kind words @smashingdiy! Happy Holidays!
        By seanessa, on December 24, 2016
      • The spacing was an unintentional result of the rounded edges on the 2x4 studs... I liked how it looked and rounded it more with a sander before nailing it down.
        By seanessa, on December 25, 2016

    • Thank you so much! This table is getting a lot of love at my parents house that they have requested a side table to match. It wasn't a difficult build once we set up a stop on the miter saw to make the repeated cuts for the top. It can be built in a weekend.
      By seanessa, on December 28, 2016

    • Love how this looks, the pattern is amazing!
      By rchampine, on December 28, 2016

    • Thank you :)
      By seanessa, on December 28, 2016
      • I am currently trying recreate your amazing work. I was curious if you could provide some dimensional numbers regarding the table to help me along?
        By xxlawman87xx, on March 20, 2017

    • I was wondering if you could provide some assembly and construction details. I'd like to build this for my wife. I cant tell how you join the individual 2/4's for the chevron pattern. Also, was there anything particularly difficult that I should look out for during assembly.
      By xxlawman87xx, on February 2, 2017

    • I am so sorry for not responding sooner! I have no idea when you wrote this or if you have already finished the build. I haven't logged onto Ryobi Nation in awhile. The total dimension for this piece was 49.5" wide x 25.5" deep x18" tall. The top is a lot of 2x4s (I did not cut off the factory-rounded edges for this piece) cut at 45 degrees. I just glued and brad nailed the 2x4 "chevron" pieces to a piece of plywood - no fancy joints. I put brad nails through the top from the 2x4 into the plywood (the holes are small that I didn't even cover it with putty). To help speed along all the cuts for the chevron 2x4s and not have to measure every single one, I made a "jig" on the miter saw in order to repeat the cuts. I used a scrap 2x4 that was cut at 45 degrees, measured how far it needed to be from the blade so I had the proper length, and clamped it in place. That way, I could rest the pieces that needed to be cut right up to this "jig" and make repeatable cuts without measuring each time. Once you have this set up, you can cut all 40 something pieces in less than a half hour. Here's a tip for the top: cut the "chevron" pieces longer than needed to overhang the plywood. Then clamp a straight piece of wood as a guide and use a circular saw (or table saw if you have access to one) to make the sides of the top "square/even" before attaching the 1x4 "trim pieces". I basically built the top first then measured what I needed to build a base to sit it on. Once the two parts were built, I flipped it all upside down and screwed it from the base into the bottom of the plywood . Hope this helps more than it confuses you! Here is a rough cut list that I used. Don't hold me to the actual measurements... I kind of winged it after I did a preliminary "sketchup". Top: 1/2” Plywood base: 24” x 48” 2x4 Chevron pieces cut at 45 degrees: ~8.5” each — need 36-44 1x4 Front and back trim: 49.5” - need 2 [CUT TO FIT] 1x4 Side trim: 24” - need 2 [CUT TO FIT] Base: [CUT TO FIT TOP – I wanted the base to be inset from top ~1” all around] 4x4 Legs: 15” - need 4 (or glue/laminate two 2x4s together to make one 4x4) 2x4 Lower side supports: 17” - need 2 1x4 Upper side supports: 17” - need 3 1x4 Upper front and back supports: 41” — need 2
      By seanessa, on April 8, 2017
      • I actually already finished my build. Funny enough my measurements were within a half inch of what you just posted. Lol. The only major difference is I angle cut the 1x4s for a more finished look on the corners. I'll post a pic soon
        By xxlawman87xx, on April 8, 2017

    • The mitered 1x4 trim pieces would make this table more polished. I didn't think of that when I cut the pieces for this project and ran out of wood (and didn't want to run back to the store) by the time I got to that step. I'm sorry I couldn't help you during your assembly but am happy to see that this project inspired someone else to build! Can't wait to see your version!
      By seanessa, on April 8, 2017
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    • Beautiful! Ana White would definitely approve. Congrats on your first build as newlyweds! Can't wait to see what else you tackle together.
      By RYOBI Nation, on April 11, 2017
      • THANK YOU!
        By seanessa, on April 11, 2017
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    • What a fun way to bond with your sister! The console turned out nicely!
      By RYOBI Nation, on August 24, 2017
      • Thank You! :)
        By seanessa, on August 25, 2017
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    • What a neat idea to build the desk around a file cabinet! We like that you used the piping too!
      By RYOBI NATION, on June 12, 2018
      • thank you!
        By seanessa, on June 15, 2018
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    • This turned out great and we would never know you were intimidated by the drawers because they look awesome!!
      By RYOBI NATION, on June 12, 2018
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