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Create & Babble

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Hi! My name is Jeanie and I am the power-tool-loving writer behind Create & Babble. I write about how I make pretty things and make things pretty by sharing my do-it-yourself home improvement and home decorating projects. I have always had a passion for all things DIY; after all, I was raised by a shop teacher dad and a Home Ec teacher mom! Now I love sharing that passion with my readers who enjoy the tutorials, plans, lessons, practical tips, and ideas, that empower and inspire them to do it themselves, too!


    • This is a great idea for a kids' game in the fall!
      By karen_atlanta, on September 1, 2015

    • This is a great idea - I've been a huge Yahtzee fan all my life! However, there are 5 dice in the game, not 6!! I'm also wondering how well the dice roll/stay up on grass - it would have to be cut very short (or, there's the option of playing on a harder, flatter surface such as concrete). Thanks!
      By auntcici, on September 16, 2015

    • Love this!!! How fun for outdoor play time and what a great gift this would be!! Where did you find the basket?
      By Sherridrum, on June 5, 2016

    • Awesome! Great job at getting the kids outside and active!
      By Chosenconstruction, on February 10, 2018

    • My sisters birthday is this week & I haven’t been able to find her anything unique. She loves Yatzee & lives in the country, so I think these would make a great Belated gift. Thanks for sharing!
      By Lionhart09, on July 13, 2018
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    • Will definitely make this project!
      By missamjan, on November 3, 2017

    • So Cute! I have been watching for a wooden ladder to do something like this, but haven't been able to find one. Now I can make one! That is if I get the right tools.... ;)
      By Viv530, on November 3, 2017

    • Love this idea with the ladder. My family will just adore it in our Living Room area.
      By Alinaa, on November 3, 2017

    • Awesome project! I love how easy it is to change photos. Beats the heck out of picture frames :)
      By justdeb61, on November 4, 2017

    • I love anything Farmhouse Style! This would be great to make as a holiday gift for my sister who loves having all her photos on display. Like that the instructions are pretty thorough.
      By StaffordBrix, on November 4, 2017

    • The ease in which you can swap out the photos is my favorite part of this entire project. I can always have something new and fresh to look at. This is indeed a great project!
      By connsean_113540, on November 4, 2017

    • I love your ladders! I should make one for Christmas cards! gail
      By MyRepurposedLife, on November 4, 2017

    • Love this project! It will be perfect for our entry.
      By someluckydog_41014, on November 4, 2017

    • this seems like a very easy peasy project that I could actually attempt as my first one ever!! I'm thinking my youngest daughter would love one of these! thanks for the idea and instructions!!
      By onebigladybug, on November 4, 2017

    • Nice and easy project! I love how easy it will be to change pictures when ever you want!
      By amones, on November 4, 2017

    • I love this! I think I could actually do it with my limited skills:)
      By shortreba, on November 4, 2017

    • This is such a cute idea! I love it!
      By keshakeke, on November 5, 2017

    • Ladders are one of my favorite decorating tools/objects. I have one for towels, 2 for plants & am planning on making this adorable photo one! First time I have seen it used for this.. what a great idea!
      By cbdesigns, on November 5, 2017

    • Such a cool project idea, thanks for sharing.
      By grover959, on November 7, 2017

    • This is neat. Perfect for my home.
      By dlatany_38644, on November 7, 2017

    • this is perfect! i've been looking for a ladder. :)
      By Charlotte729, on November 7, 2017

    • Love this so beautiful and would make it easy to switch out photo's as often as you would like!
      By maryw1981_41729, on November 14, 2017

    • this is pretty neat i love it
      By carol clark, on November 14, 2017
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    • Love this! I don't have a coat closet this would be perfect in my sunporch before you walk in my side door. I like that you made your own cleat to hang it.
      By WeekendCraft, on December 1, 2016

    • I have just the spot for this!
      By Kdsue456, on December 4, 2016

    • I will be making this as I don't have a coat closet.
      By woodworker13403, on December 4, 2016

    • I just love this. I even have the wood for it!
      By shortreba, on December 4, 2016

    • This is a great idea!
      By seanessa, on December 4, 2016

    • Genius! Beautiful!
      By Auntiepatch, on December 4, 2016

    • We desperately need one of these, all of a sudden there are coats everywhere. I could do this myself with these plans. Nice rack!
      By rusthawk_30902, on December 17, 2016

    • This would be great for my family.
      By kellyr78, on December 18, 2016

    • Love this idea. Thanks for the idea.
      By GAsusie, on December 20, 2016

    • Beautiful and such a wonderful idea it can also be used to hold keys on empty hooks I'm thinking love it. Festive and unique.
      By alinicole711, on December 20, 2016

    • Great idea to use for my walk-in closet, thanks!
      By Zwei, on February 28, 2018
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    • This is such a cute project! Now I just need to win some tools so that I can make it ;)
      By justdeb61, on October 4, 2016

    • I like you made a separate one for Teal Pumpkin project - food allergy kids
      By Condo Blues, on October 6, 2016

    • Love the colors!
      By diycandy, on October 7, 2016

    • This is a cool craft! Love this idea!
      By katelaine, on October 7, 2016

    • Such a cute + creative project!!
      By Trisha D., on October 7, 2016

    • I have a list of to-do projects but this one is going on top of the list. LOVE THIS!
      By Taylor Closet, on October 7, 2016

    • This is such a cute and easy project and I love the colors you painted them!
      By MaryHunn, on October 10, 2016

    • This is such a cute project and I love that it has a secondary purpose!
      By MrsMemishi, on October 14, 2016

    • I love DIY projects a lot of our furniture and décor items was handmade by me and my husband. It's nice to be able to design things the way you want and create your own furnishings. I love the pumpkins they are beautiful and the colors are nice.
      By alinicole711, on October 16, 2016

    • These are so cute I want to build one! I think it is so cool to be dual purpose but I would also love to put plants in it!
      By my4boysand1_36549, on October 25, 2016

    • What a darling project! Pretty straightforward and doable!
      By shortreba, on October 25, 2016

    • I love these boxes! These would be perfect for my front porch.
      By cvillemommy, on October 31, 2016
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    • Beautiful. But where can I obtain the materials list, measurements and how to guide Thanks
      By Carlos1948, on September 7, 2015

    • Great stuff but where are the Plans.....Thanks
      By Fadatec, on December 7, 2017
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    • finished product looks great! What's that special stain that your using that removes knot holes?
      By bigdisneyfan2, on March 30, 2017
      • Thank you! I didn't use any special stain to remove the knots - just regular stain.
        By Create & Babble, on April 5, 2017

    • Wow this bed is stunning. Easy to follow instructions. Pinning this!
      By WeekendCraft, on April 2, 2017

    • This is a great bed! I love Ryobi tools.
      By ksimon46, on April 4, 2017
      • Thank you! Ryobi tools are the best!
        By Create & Babble, on April 5, 2017

    • I love this. This would match my hardwood floors in my bedroom.
      By livivua, on April 4, 2017
      • Thank you and yes, it would look incredible on hardward floors.
        By Create & Babble, on April 12, 2017

    • You are so talented, Jeanie. This turned out beautifully.
      By MrsMemishi, on April 9, 2017

    • Gorgeous, thanks for the great set of instructions!
      By practicallyf, on April 10, 2017

    • wowzers...I would love to attempt this :) looks like I need more tools :)
      By onebigladybug, on April 14, 2017

    • Awesome project idea, thanks for the detailed pLans.
      By grover959, on April 18, 2017

    • Beautiful! Nice work!
      By Viv530, on April 21, 2017

    • It looks great! And I love that quilt on the bed.
      By Cityboyfarmgirl, on April 24, 2017

    • i love this rustic country look good job
      By carol clark, on April 24, 2017

    • What size bed is this for?
      By rjbaiad, on July 5, 2017
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    • That's the exact same problem I've been having. This is a great solution. No more going through tote after tote after tote looking for the color I need! Awesome!
      By Lovedbyhisgrace, on August 17, 2014

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