Her Tool Belt



  • This is AWESOME! Every kid's dream!
    By karen_atlanta, on June 1, 2015

  • Hours of fun and imaginative play ... a play set extraordinaire.
    By janicehintze, on June 3, 2015

  • What was the approximate price for all materials used?
    By BAMAWATERFOWL, on June 19, 2015

  • @bamawaterfowl I spent about $1300, all of the materials came from Home Depot.
    By Her Tool Belt, on July 10, 2015

  • The materials list doesn't specify, but is the lumber pressure treated? Or are you relying on the paint to withstand the weather? If so, how's your current play structure holding up? Also, it looks awesome! Great job!
    By Brian5177, on February 21, 2017

  • This thing is amazing! So I have a question, what exactly are the optional pieces for and what do you lose of you chose not to do the optional steps? I am referring to what is in the PDF not below. Thanks
    By mgomon, on August 9, 2017

  • you did a great job. i think we are going to replicate this for our kids.
    By Team Saefkow, on February 9, 2018

  • i just noticed your blueprints are not working :( can this be fixed?
    By Team Saefkow, on February 9, 2018
    • @Team Saefkow they have been fixed. Thanks for letting us know!
      By RYOBI NATION, on February 9, 2018
    • the link is gone :( and i cant get the picture for the material list to load. keeps saying error.
      By Team Saefkow, on February 11, 2018
    • Can you not see where it says "View Project PDF" under the project description?
      By RYOBI NATION, on February 12, 2018
    • im sorry it was my browser, was not letting me open the PDF. thanks for replying to quickly.
      By Team Saefkow, on February 13, 2018
    • Glad you got it figured out!
      By RYOBI NATION, on February 13, 2018

  • I want to add that I did this nearly the same as pictured above and I am not a carpenter, just handy :-) It came out awesome! I'd post pics but not allowed with comments.
    By mgomon, on February 9, 2018
    • Awesome! You can always upload your own project if you'd like to show the RYOBI Nation community!
      By RYOBI NATION, on February 9, 2018

  • Help me out here...I am not seeing where all 11 4x4s will be used?  I am only counting 6.  I am having my fence put in and was hoping to have them actually set the posts into the ground to make it extra sturdy.  Is that overkill?
    By EbbaRobb, on April 24, 2018
    • Even though it's two years too late, to clarify for anyone else who may have the same question - the materials list includes what's needed for the playhouse AND swing set:  6 4x4x8s are used for the clubhouse/playhouse, 4 4x4x8s and 1 4x4x10 are used for the swing set.
      By krashtd78, on May 31, 2020

  • Does anyone know the height of the entire set? Ground to peak. Trying to find a set that is 10ft tall or less because of a crazy HOA rule.
    By Ddrake0005, on July 6, 2018

  • Thanks for sharing the design, I am putting the finishing touches on one in my back yard.  I had one lesson learned to add and a couple of mods that went well.  For the lesson learned, be mindful of your carriage bolt placement. A few steps after making the frame you will need to install the floor.  Four of my bolts partially interfered with the floor boards, I ended up notching the floor boards.  Other than that, you can add an additional 2X4 to the floor, it helps keep rain out of the bottom.  At the kids request, I added a floor to the bottom and enclosed the rear of the structure with a wall.  Finally, I opted for a corrugated metal roof.
    By DoctorNoGo, on September 30, 2018

  • Can you tell me where you bought the 1 hour DIY swing kit?
    By user_richter_1286755, on November 8, 2019
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  • This looks wonderful and I love herringbone patterns. The tutorial is easy to understand. Great job
    By yellowRose, on March 3, 2015
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  • Tried to download the blueprints and they could not be found I would like to do this project that I want the blue friends and the how to's and everything else is there anywhere I can find them
    By harryhatt1951, on January 2, 2015

  • Tried to download the blueprints and they could not be found I would like to do this project that I want the blue friends and the how to's and everything else is there anywhere I can find them
    By harryhatt1951, on January 2, 2015

  • So sorry about the blueprint link not working right now. It's been reported. Please email bloggerrelations@ttigroupna.com in the meantime, and I will gladly email you the blueprints. Thank you
    By RYOBI_ROCKS, on January 2, 2015

  • I love this! Where did you get the crates from?
    By farjojo, on January 6, 2015

  • Amazing! What a great way to keep organized in a family space with small children. Mine would crush those cute little stools... :) Love the combo of white paint and stained top.
    By kimmatReinvented, on January 8, 2015

  • This is a really awesome looking project! Could you share some more details about the crates though?
    By aggressorblue, on January 16, 2015

  • Hello! The crates are Large Wooden Crates 18" x 12.5" x 9.5" (Home Depot sku #203153338)
    By RYOBI_ROCKS, on January 17, 2015

  • This is one beautiful table, do you think it could be modified to to be smaller for my home :)
    By SoCraftySewCreative, on February 1, 2015

  • I love this
    By Lydialugo, on February 7, 2015

  • I would love to make this project but am planning to super downsize in the near future.. This would be perfect for Xtra storage but will only be limited to a max of 300 sf of total living space. How would you propose to cut the width mainly, and depth of drawers.
    By T'sArt, on April 18, 2016
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